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About Us

InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists are the premier podiatrists in the Carolinas. When you seek help from an InStride physician, you will find a personable, resourceful doctor who will listen to you and value you as a person. He or she will give you advice for the best treatment for your foot problem taking into consideration your lifestyle and your budget. We will educate you about your particular problem so you can be an informed decision maker, and feel that you are working with your podiatrist to find the best solution – tailor made just for you.

At InStride, we focus on wellness through mobility. We understand the importance of keeping you active and in the “game of life”. If you are standing on the sidelines because of foot or ankle pain, we would be honored to help you find a way to get back on the field. Good foot health is to your overall health what a strong foundation is to your house. No one understands this better than podiatrists.

And no one understands better than InStride the importance of treating our patients like we would want to be treated ourselves. So don’t suffer with foot or ankle pain – call one of our specialists today and get on the road to better foot health!

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